Chloe B

Chloé Bouchard

Year of Study: U3
Major: International Management and Social Business and Enterprise
Why You Joined DWIB: What motivates me the most is being around passionate and driven individuals. The DWIB team is determined to represent and empower women in the workplace. I think it is really important to be part of a team with a mission that drives you, while being surrounded by a great team that makes you feel powerful.
Something Interesting About Yourself: I once got my eyebrows painted blue in front of a live cam (with 20,000 viewers) in China

Alex T

Alex Tinmouth

Year of Study: U2
Major: Accounting
Why You Joined DWIB: I joined DWIB because I wanted to take part in the team’s efforts to unite young women in the management field and provide them with resources to further their success.
Something Interesting About Yourself: I was born in China and raised in Montreal. So, naturally, my favourite food is poutine.

Gaby H

Gabrielle Ho

Year of Study: U2
Major / Minor: Accounting / Finance
Why You Joined DWIB: I wanted to be a part of DWIB to help bring awareness to the issues that women face in the business world. DWIB has connected me to a network of ambitious and like-minded professionals that I'm proud to be a part of.
Something Interesting About Yourself: My spirit animal is a sloth